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SJT Testimonials

Thank goodness for Sojourner Truth! They made the mid-year transition to independent study easy. The counselor ensured that he would be able to continue his in-progress courses so he would not have any difficulty when sending off his transcripts. His teacher and advisor kept in constant communication with our son and with us to make sure he was making progress toward graduation. His chemistry teacher and his math teacher were supportive as well, and also strong communicators.

Honestly, the whole team from the front office, to the counseling office, to the classroom, to the principal, has the best interests of students in mind. This is a positive, caring and supportive glad we found Sojourner Truth.

My son started attending Sojourner Truth during his senior year of high school. When he started at Sojourner Truth in November of 2020, he was stuck in a state of depression; he wasn't doing any work and he had lost all motivation to succeed in school. The isolation brought on by the pandemic had a hugely negative effect on him.

Working with his main teacher at Sojourner Truth, my son was able to find his drive and I started noticing him spending hours on his school work again. His teacher seemed to have an intuitive knowledge of how to tap into my son's motivation. She was understanding of him, while also expecting him to do his work. She was not willing to let his depression cause him to slip through the cracks. I credit her with getting him through his last year of high school.

Besides being incredibly motivating, his teacher and my son's counselor at Sojourner Truth were so helpful with helping my son get accepted into several four-year colleges. He is off to college in August and I am eternally grateful to Sojourner Truth for getting my son through this difficult year. I truly don't know where he would be without the incredibly supportive faculty and staff at Sojourner Truth. Thank you!

Estoy profundamente agradecida del equipo de trabajo en esta escuela.  Están altamente capacitados para escuchar a los padres. Forman equipo con ellos para diseñar un plan único que apoyé al estudiante a lograr su meta. El apoyo que la maestra nos brindó fue mucho más allá de nuestras expectativas. Ella escucha, motiva, y apoya sus estudiantes a dar su mejor esfuerzo.

Cómo madre consideró muy valioso el que los maestros se tomen el tiempo para conocer al estudiante a través de la comunicación con los Padres. La maestra siempre estuvo disponible y dispuesta apoyar a mi hijo.

Estaré siempre agradecida y recordaré está experiencia. Por siempre. Gracias.

"Thank you [my son] has really grown since starting at SJT. Not only scholastically but as an individual. He was a bit tentative initially, but his confidence level has improved , along with his grades. I was proud when I found out he had made the honor roll. Thank you guys so much!"

I'm so glad my daughter was able to attend SJT for her senior year of high school. She is a smart girl, but needed more personalized instruction to get through all of her classes.  She got that at SJT! 

The teachers and advisers made sure she was enrolled in the appropriate courses to ensure she would graduate on time.  A special kudos goes out to her advisory teacher. I don't ever recall meeting a teacher who made herself more available to her students, even on weekends! 

She showed my daughter that she really cared about helping her to meet her goals, and that made all of the difference in getting her across the finish line.  I will be forever grateful!