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Welcome to ParentSquare

ParentSquare is a nationally recognized communications platform many school districts are using to keep in touch with families. OUSD is adopting ParentSquare because it will help us do a better job of sharing districtwide messages and is a way for families to complete important forms.

Additionally, ParentSquare will improve our communications.

It automatically translates into over 100 languages and has a more accurate translation. Each family's account will include all of the OUSD students in your household. Each parent/guardian can have their own account. You can choose if you want messages by email, text or in the app. You can choose if you want messages instantly or once a day.

Unless you hear otherwise from your school, this will not replace their current ways of communicating with you.

Instructions on how to log into ParentSquare.

You should also see a direct invite to join shortly.

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